China Minmetals Corporation

China Minmetals Corporation

China Minmetals Headquarter
  • the largest iron ore supplier
  • the largest iron & steel distributor
  • one of the major raw material groups
  • one of the largest enterprises in China

CHINA MINMETALS currently employs 167.000 employees spread over 321 domestic and 45 foreign companies. Already founded in 1950 the group has been permanently challenged by the rapidly changing conditions of the Chinese market, yet these challenges have always been regarded as chances for innovation and further development. In the past 10 years the Group has specially focused on securing and enlarging MINMETALS’ trade network by acquisition of own raw material resources and production facilities. Another important development strategy has been the continuous diversification of business activities. Today being a dynamic and financially strong “global player” CHINA MINMETALS is active and invests in all continents of the world. In addition to vast iron ore and coking coal resources the Group owns steel mills, mines and production plants for aluminium, nickel, zinc, copper, tungsten, antimony, bauxite, rare earths and bismuth in China and abroad. Furthermore the Group has been very successfully involved in finance, insurance and real estate business.

In 2011 CHINA MINMETALS CORPORATION generated revenues of 57,3 billion USD. Based on the famous “Global 500” list by the American Business Magazine “Fortune” in 2010 the Group ranked No. 228 (turnover 37,5 billion USD) . At the same time the Group is the 6th largest metal company in the world.

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