Minmetals Germany

Minmetals Germany GmbH

Minmetals Germany GmbH

MINMETALS GERMANY GMBH is an overseas enterprise of CHINA MINMETALS CORPORATION, one of the largest raw materials conglomerates in China. Already founded in 1986 MINMETALS GERMANY belongs to the oldest Chinese enterprises in Germany.

Main activities are the sale of carbon steel and stainless steel as well as the purchase of raw materials for steel production. Being established now for 27 years MINMETALS GERMANY has built a wide business network across Germany and many European countries. The close cooperation with the Mother Company – the largest steel distributor in China – makes it possible to purchase goods at best terms, which makes MINMETALS GERMANY an attractive business partner. For the purchase of raw materials MINMETALS GERMANY is globally active.
Since 2008 MINMETALS GERMANY has a subsidiary in England with similar commercial focus and a stainless steel Service Centre in Sottrum near Bremen. Besides the sale of stainless steel sheets, stainless steel pipes and profile, the Service Centre with 2 polishing and grinding lines – one of them only installed in 2010 – offers all forms of high-quality surface processing. Recently MINMETALS GERMANY has also become active in Turkey. A new subsidiary has been established focused on raw materials purchase.

MINMETALS GERMANY strives to be an ideal bridge between China and Europe, a company with wide experiences as buyer and seller, as supplier and customer on both Chinese market and western market.


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